Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Day 2 - A Brief Pause

I knew before I got to Clovis that Christopher, Rosann and the girls were going to still be there visiting his parents.  I had surprised Chris and family in Vegas earlier in the month on their way to Clovis but I was going to enjoy a slightly longer visit with them here.

I needed to spend time with Steve to discuss family business but also to reset the clock for the rest of the trip: A sequence of events that would put me in Atlanta at the right time.

After a good night's sleep to recover from the previous 36 hours, bacon and eggs cooked by Steve's wife Marietta along with some pancakes hit the spot.  Steve and Chris were already at work on the back porch when I finished breakfast.  We spent the next several hours basically picking up talking where we left off the night before.  But, we had a whole day and I suggested Rosann and I take the girls to the Mall and wander for a while.

Clovis is not a big town.  It is a military town but Cannon AFB is kind of a backwoods base. And during the heat of the summer, people have a tendency to stay indoors.  It's mall is small and not well endowed.  Still, it offered a few places to stick a head into.

After, we got some drinks at Sonic and headed to a park to enjoy the afternoon.

A little bit of watching the ducks and geese and people fishing in 90+ weather.  And we were ready to go back for some dinner.  The plan for the evening was a rematch of the miniature golf round we had in Las Vegas.  But afternoon thunderstorms are common on the plains and Clovis is close enough to spawn it's share.  By early dusk we were surrounded by nature's light shows.  And fortunately, we got our round in while also getting some go-cart time in.  Ok, "I" didn't race the go-carts but the rest did!

While the surrounding areas were dealing with flooding and violent storms, we were in the eye of the storms and enjoying a warm humid summer evening with a nice breeze.

If you remember the scene from Twister where they were near a Drive-in Theatre getting drinks then you will get an idea of what we were dealing with....minus the tornado crashing the party!.

It was an enjoyable visit and time with family.  Tomorrow, back on the road.

Day 2 is done.

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