Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Burning Korans

I am tired of the 'we can't burn Korans because it will put troops in harms way' bullshit. Yes General, that includes you.

Children learn one of two things by age three - that temper tantrums work and it get's them what they want or that a tantrum brings down the wrath of god and isn't worth the effort. People might say that is fine for two year olds, but we are talking about adults. Really? Ya think?

Islam has learned that if they threaten riots, murder and mayhem if they are insulted in any way, the rest of the PLANET puts their tail between their legs and sucks their manhood deep into their bowels. So, what we have is an entire religion of hundreds of millions that have taught the rest of the planet to do whatever they say is ok or risk riots and murder. Islam has learned temper tantrums WORK.

That lesson has to be unlearned and the only way it happens is to punish Islam every time they try it. It didn't have to be this way, but the West abdicated it's responsibility to be mature adults and instead gave into the tantrums.

So General, every time a Koran is burned and Moslems in your area of control throw a temper tantrum, it is up to you to apply the punishment. And for every so called adult that just wants to keep enabling the Moslems, I hope you don't have children because your example will do them no good.

Time for humanity to grow up and inform, directly with words AND DEEDS that tantrums will not be tolerated. Islam may THINK it is the sole and future way for all humanity, but it needs to learn it is not the center of the Universe and all should bow before it.

I am tired of the enablers. Tired of the excuse makers. Tired of those that say WE must adjust our behaviors because some unhinged, fanatical "two year olds" demand it.