Sunday, July 31, 2005

Opinion - Martyr


1. Martyr - someone that DIES for their faith or beliefs
2. Murderer - someone that KILLS for their faith or beliefs
3. Fanatic - someone that confuses the two....

Thanks to Bizzyblog for turning me on to varifrank for a post on a terrorist, "I've got rights".

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Opinion - Merging

There you are, in the right lane of a highway, moving at a respectable 60 mph in a 55. An on ramp approaches and a vehicle is inbound to your lane. Right about at the point the grass disappears there is a sign on the says MERGE. The idiot speeds up to 60 (we will not consider the idiot that stops at this point for now) and pulls even with you...then he begins moving into your lane forcing you out or into an accident...and he has the gall to give YOU the finger!

Problem 1. The driver entering the highway thinks he has right of way....he doesn't.
Problem 2. The driver does not attempt to adjust his speed to enter the flow of traffic....
Problem 3. You allow him to bully you into moving.....
Problem 4. He thinks he was right...and you let him...

Clear about the scenario? Good, because immigrants think the responsibility for their merging into our society, is our responsibility....and the apologists are letting them get away with it.

First, our society is here, it flows, it works. Anyone seeking to enter it, must adjust to our flow. Any time we force our society to yield to those entering, we disrupt the flow of our society. That is why having government services and documents in foreign languages (yes, they are foreign even if 10 million, 20 million even 40 million speak the language here) is counterproductive.

Second, when people enter our society, they are responsible for getting up to speed with how it works. It is not our society's responsibility to adjust to their needs.

Third, by letting those that are entering our country (and those that support them) to force us to change to accommodate, it sets a precendent both for those that follow and those that want their own accommodations.

Fourth, by letting it happen, we allow people to tell us we are wrong, when we were right to begin with.

And to those that suggest that failing to adjust will just lead to an accident, I can assure you, that in EVERY case where I refused to move, they either panic stopped on the shoulder, or adjusted their own travel.

Next time someone suggests to you that our society must accommodate those of different ethnic or religious backgrounds, tell them the responsibility to merge is theirs, not ours.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Opinion - Population and CO2

Something has been bugging me for a while. Humans produce CO2 by breathing (as does every living breathing animal, but lets stick with humans). How much do they produce? About 180 kg per person per year (a little higher for ag societies). Bear with me...
Country..............................Population........................CO2 Output
United States
1900 Population.............76,000,000...................15,200,000,000
2000 Population..........272,639,608....................49,075,129,440

1900 Population..........290,000,000....................58,000,000,000
2000 Population.......1,000,848,550..................200,169,710,000

1900 Population.........500,000,000..................100,000,000,000
2000 Population.......1,246,871,951....................249,374,390,200

1900 Population.......1,600,000,000..................320,000,000,000
2000 Population......6,100,000,000 ...............1,220,000,000,000

So, right now humanity is producing over 1.2 trillion kg of CO2 a year, just by breathing.

According to the same place I got the 180kg per person, the average car produces 2,800kg per year of CO2 (and a lot of other things also). Meaning, that 14 people breathing produce about the same CO2 as 1 car a year. Can you figure where I am heading with this?

Everyone Else........400,000,000.........2,800.........1,120,000,000,000

The larger populations of China and India produce as much CO2 as 160,000,000 cars.

Is it possible that global warming might be caused, in large part, by the fact that world population has tripled in the last century?

*lots of rough averaging here....don't go nuts about it. The point I want to make is that the growth in population should have had a significant impact on the global climate at a basic level, we all produce CO2 and there are a lot more of us now than 100 years ago...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Opinion - Tax and spend

CUT IT OUT. Republicans, you are spending like drunken sailors on the first night of shoreleave.

OH, you Democrats - you are helping so don't get all self-righteous.

Who said government had to have a raise every year? We don't get one...

Congressmen are supposed to bring back the bacon to their one said they had to have the whole pig.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Opinion - UPDATE - Terrorist

I asked for the Moslem community to condemn terrorists and a reporter wrote a story addressing that issue. He said that many Moslem groups issue condemnations every time a terrorist blows up something. He then listed several he had received post the British bombings and included (apparently) the full release.

Here is what I found funny about his story....every one of those organizations of Moslems that issued a condemnation, was an organization here in the US that had the benefit of freedoms.

Maybe I am asking too much.

On a somewhat related note, I quit a listserv because I had no time and I was tired of fighting with the lefties there. Unfortunately, I still see the postings because Victoria remains a member. Generally I ignore them but there was a thread on the British bombings and I will only recount one line

"I can't help but feel that the British brought this down upon themselves."

Any proof that the writer is not worth the time is confirmed by the use of these three words: "can't help feel"

What spineless crap.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Position - The UN

I have spoken before about the UN and today, several former foreign ministers (how Ms Albright defined herself) suggested that part of yesterday's carnage in Great Britain could be addressed by reforms in the UN, some specific recommendations were made with the 4th item encouraging democracy...but not the full blown, freedom that George Bush wants...something...more civilized.

Well 'Ministers'...I have a suggestion. Why don't we make free and honest elections in the home country a condition of voting in the UN. Why should a country that does not allow it's citizens to vote, get to vote in the democratic community of nations? China....hasta la vista...

Oh they can still participate....just not vote.

How 'bout it?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Position - Terrorist

I may be overstepping my "moderate" position.

Time for the Islamic community to step forward and "out" those in their community calling for Jihad. The people in Iraq must "rat" out the people in their mist that support those that would kill civilians. The fanatical component of Islam is destroying any hope for the peaceful co-existence of Islam with other religions and secular communities.

People in the United States and Europe and Asia must ask their Moslem neighbors to push their community to actively ostracize those in their community that support - even only vocally - terrorism in an form, for any purpose.

UPDATE: In the past, most other religions have justified the killing of non-believers as God's work. I do not dispute or justify it. The difference now is that Islamic extremists have access to materials that can kill hundreds at a time.

If the militants only targeted military targets in Iraq, I would say tough shit to our troops, go find them and kill them. And before you think I am just sitting on the sidelines with nothing to nephew walked out of a mess tent in Mosul not too long ago...and it saved his life...he joined last fall, an obligation he felt....he is a walking target, he knows it, his wife knows it, my brother knows it, I know it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Opinion - Economics

Victoria just got me Freakynomics......reports to follow.

A long time ago I found a book called "How to Get Rich on the Obvious". It was a wonderful book and I made some good money in the market at the time. I have been unable to find another copy so if someone has one, let me know. The point I want to make however is two-fold.

First, the obvious, usually isn't.
Second, only economists that state the obvious get Nobels.....(some have argued with me about this in the past - obviously not convincingly)

Opinion - Politics and the Supreme Court

Is it because I have lived with an attorney lo these 10 years? The Supremes are getting senile. Given my current state of affairs with Republicans, letting them loose to nominate (potentially) 3 Justices has me a little on edge. I am personally, more constructionist. Having the Justices find a right that does not exist in the written word of the Constitution is dangerous and having done so, they have embarked upon a slippery slope.

If people want a right and it is not listed in the Constitution, then legislate it. However, a right at the end of your arm is not a right at the end of my nose.

You know, I sit here reading that sentence and it doesn't seem right...

Doesn't the Constitution work to LIMIT government? Isn't it designed to protect us, from it?

Why do we have to make a law to have a right? We have all rights, but limit our use of them in order to have a functional society. I have to work through this....bear with me for a while...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Off topic - my list of stupid people : per request

Everyone has at one time or another done something stupid. In and of itself, that does not make one a stupid person. I admit to brain farts. That said, some people act in ways that can not be mistaken for a momentary lapse of brain function. Here is my list of stupid people - I hope it pisses some of you off:

1. Vegetarians
2. Vegetarians that smoke (these people get honorary Darwin awards, designated HDA)
3. Those that oppose the death penalty but are for abortion
4. Those that are for the death penalty but are against abortion
5. Anyone seeking national or statewide public office
6. Anyone that is elected to national or statewide public office (HDA)
7. Anyone that drives in the left lane of a limited access highway and does not do at least 10 mph over the limit
8. Anyone that drives in the left lane of a limited access highway and does the speedlimit (HDA)
9. People that smoke
10. People under 35 that smoke (HDA)
11. Teenagers that smoke (DA)
12. People that smoke and have high blood pressure, obesity, asthma or lung disease (soon to be awarded a DA - but probably too late to have prevented gene transfer)
13. People that use illegal drugs - yes, you idiots that smoke grass too
14. People that drink and drive (HDA...but hopefully DA)
15. People that do drugs and drive (HDA)
16. People that think war is NOT an option (HDA)
17. People that think the United States is a bad country
18. People that think poverty is anyone's fault but the people in poverty
19. People that think the government can do better than marketplace (see #5)
20. People that think the smartest people are the smartest people
21. People that think I am full of shit
22. Drivers that will not enter the intersection to turn left when the light is green (HDA)
23. Bike riders that complain they have just as much right to the road, but somehow don't think they have as much RESPONSIBILITY to follow the rules of the road (DA)
24. Actors, who after playing a role, think they're an expert in a field...other than acting.
25. Anyone that thinks solutions to problems just need more money
26. Anyone opposed to freedom for everyone, at the point of a gun if necessary
27. Anyone that KNOWS I am full of shit
28. Anyone against the personal ownership of guns (any and all kinds and in whatever numbers)
29. Anyone NOT opposed to abortion after the 28th week
30. Anyone against religion
31. Anyone that thinks everyone needs to belong to a religion (worshipping a deity)
32. Democrats that think Republicans are uncaring shits only out for themselves
33. Republicans that think Democrats are sniveling little cowards
34. People that call themselves Democrats or Republicans and consider themselves better for it
35. Libertarians, independents and Greens, see 34, it applies to you too
36. Greens - you eco nuts, not the vegetable (HDA)
37. Anyone for animal rights. Animals do not have rights, CAN NOT HAVE RIGHTS!
38. Anyone that thinks anyone that owns a Hummer is bad
39. Anyone that owns a Hummer
40. Anyone that owns a plane and wants stricter rules on drilling for oil
41. Anyone that beats an animal
42. Anyone that beats a child
43. Any man that hits a woman
44. Any woman that hits a man
45. Any parent with an out of control child
46. Anyone that wants stricter rules on drilling for oil and: does not walk or ride a bike everywhere; uses electricity or plastic; does not grow their own food; does not live in a log cabin built with their bare hands
47. Anyone opposed to immigration
48. Anyone not opposed to deporting illegal immigrants immediately
49. Anyone that thinks the UN is a viable and useful institution
50. And last but not least, anyone that read this list and didn't agree with at least 40 items.