Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wrong line...

This morning I watched Meet the Press. I usually don't but the dvr didn't catch Fox News Sunday and I missed it again this afternoon.

When is someone in Washington going to learn/listen/realize that the loss of the Republicans in 2006 came about because of three factors, two minor, one major: one|minor: corruption. Every conservative expects democrats to be corrupt, we just hope it will be of the minor, personal kind. We don't expect the conservatives to be corrupt - except for the hypocrisy of sexual misdeeds. Cunningham was just so over the top... two|minor: pork. Every thinking person knows a politician is going to bring home some pork for his/her district. New highway, big contract - lots of jobs...good pork. No one wants 5 million for someones back yard museum that no one is going to know, a million here, a billion there...soon it is real money and the "conservatives" seemed interested in only real money pork. And then there was

three|major: immigration. How in the hell ANYONE can think that immigration reform as proposed was a good idea I'll never know. And it only got worse. John McCain has lost any chance of being president with his support of the reform this spring. Of all the stupid, dangerous and corrupt ideas to come out of Washington....

THE IRAQ WAR DID NOT COST THE REPUBLICANS THE CONGRESS: The republican congress cost the republicans the Congress. When a current presidential candidate realizes this and actually begins to say it in his campaign, THEN we have a candidate, and not a day sooner.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Let me ....

Pss a few people off....


For their population, blacks have too much influence. Liberals have allowed blacks to play the victim card for so long that blacks believe they have a right, and the rest of us have an obligation to compensate them for every perceived ill falling on them.

1/2 of all murders caused by black men. Despite the fact that the majority of those murders are in fact against other blacks is IRRELEVANT. What kind of crap is that? 5% of the population is causing 1/2 the murders? I read recently that 70% of all births to black women are to unwed women. The men are either cowards, or boys with dicks too large for the minuscule balls attached to them.


NASA has issued revised numbers for climate temperatures. The revision effectively eliminates global temperatures as an argument for global warming. However, even though there might be something to it, I want an answer the following questions: 1) how many weather stations are there in a: the Sahara desert; the Gobi desert, the Siberian tundra, the Amazon; b) the United States, China, India, Russia, Mexico; c) the Canary Islands, the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippines; the Falklands; Madagascar. 2) how many weather stations are within 1000 yds of a parking lot, an air conditioned building, paved roads, manicured lawns; 3) how many weather stations have been operating for more than 10 years, 20 years, 50 years.

Don't give me shit about core samples unless you can tell me how much precipitation has fallen annually for each year the core sample represents and how much that differed from average.

Finally, assuming for just a second that you can prove even the slightest increase in temperatures, tell me what temperature is the CORRECT temperature for that we know if we are cooler or warmer than that number....please make sure you have as much "scientific evidence" for your assertion of the "CORRECT" temperature as you do for the "fact" that we are currently --warming--.


Right now, today, only one person has a chance of getting the Democratic nomination for president....Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton. As many, if not most Democrats think that Willy was the second appears most democrats have decided that they are ok with the first husband getting regular bjs....from just about anything walking over the age of 18 ....because at least it won't happen in the Oval Office anymore.

Right now, today, only two people have a chance of getting the Republican nomination for President, and one of the two stands as much chance as someone getting a snowball off at Tiger Woods this past weekend. Giuliani is the most likely, but in order to do it, the far right of the republican base will have to prove they can be just as pathetic as the democrats. A 50 something man takes advantage of a 20-something intern and the democrats practically fall over themselves to claim such an event as consent between two adults thereby erasing 30 years of getting people to see such an event as at least sexual harassment Republicans will be falling all over themselves making excuses for someone that 1) has been married three times and 2) moved his mistress into his home prior to the last divorce.....yea, family values all over that one.

If the democrats are suffering from BDS, it can equally be said that republicans are suffering from CDS.

Frankly, I doubt the country would be in worse shape if we just ignored everyone currently running (or thinking of running: Gore, Thompson, Gingrich) and picked someone out of a phone book.


I think the Fed (and the central bank of Germany, France, Japan and the UK) should just let the stupids that loaned money to the stupids that agreed to take them each suffer their fates. We recently had clients that make 30k a year NET come in to try and save their home....the mortgage payment of which was 26k a year. They had the same income when they got the loan several years ago. Can ANYONE justify such blatant stupidity? I can't get a credit card but some moron thinks a $1200 a month mortgage is ok for someone making 8.75 an hour?

In the early 80's in California, people were getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th mortgages (all with 1 or 2 year balloons) because property values were rising at 5 and 6% A WEEK. DUH. If you think anything is different in Florida, Nevada, California or Arizona over the last 5 years, you'd be wrong, it's worse.

Wait till people start realizing the IRS treats a foreclosure AS INCOME to the poor saps that lost their home...can you say tax burden?


Mainstream Press couldn't tell a story from a fable if it hit them square in the face. Did you know that Obama's #1 best buddy, mentor and supporter is under indictment? NO? Really...

Did you know that the average corporal in Iraq is a bigger asshole than the majority of major league sports figures? Really, apparently war does that to you....but I don't remember Bonds or Vick serving....

Can you name me ONE national media person who you DON'T know which party they support?


Does anyone believe that rap should have a first amendment right to call for the killing or raping of anyone? Really? what do you think I THINK?


Lastly: how many of you with internet access at work have viewed at least ONE youtube video in the last 4 weeks at work?

You're part of the problem too....

Addendum: Consensus among scientists

I don't give a shite if every single scientist on the planet THINKS global warming is real; I don't give a shite if every single scientist on the planet BELIEVES global warming is real; I don't even give a shite if every single scientist on the planet AGREES global warming is real; because until 2 different scientists, using proven objective data, and verifiable scientific methods PROVES that the Earth is warming, every thought, belief and agreement is exactly what you would expect coming from assholes, shite.