Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Senator Feingold,

I oppose the so called health care reform non-legislation currently pending in the Senate. It is unConstitutional - who gave you the authority to demand I purchase health insurance?? Auto insurance is part of the priviledge of driving - NOT the same thing.

Who gave the Congress the authority to provide for the individual? This is not a federal issue? Common welfare relates to the UNITED STATES....not the citizens.

I oppose the bill in the Senate and by your own statements - you should also.

Where is the transparency? Where is the opportunity to review the legislation prior to voting? Where is the LEGISLATION??? This is the worse type of closed doors, back room deal making the Senate has engaged in. You and your fellow senators are NOT doing the people's work. This is bribes and extortion. Why do the people of Wisconsin have to protect the people of Nebraska's medicare costs?

After years of demanding Medicare and Medicad cuts due to fraud that have NEVER occurred, we expect to find $500b NOW?

This non-legislation is a lie. It is a lie in what it will cost; it is a lie in what it will promote; it is a lie in what it will cover; it is a lie that it is for the good of all Americans.

Vote against it. It is wrong and to vote for it violates the very oath of office you swore to.