Friday, January 15, 2010


We were having a conversation on the radio show (BTR Show) about marriage and Bill, my co-host suggested I put my thoughts down into words to share. Here they come..

Why do many gays want marriage? It is not to destroy tradition marriage, it is to honor it. Yep. For many of us, our relationships have reached a serious point that we seek to commit them to God, family and friends. We acknowledge, actually agree with the principle that certain relationships have reached a point where the commitment of two people is such that only one institution accurately reflects that level of commitment: commitment to love, cherish, respect, care for each other for as long as we both shall live.

We don't seek to destroy the institution of marriage, but to embrace it. Many people say gays just want recognition for their lifestyle. That is a simplistic point of view. It is not the lifestyle, but the relationship that we HAVE that we want to share, that we, WE, want to acknowledge.

Marriage says that two people have made a commitment to each other at fundamental levels. I have that commitment to Victoria, and she to me.