Saturday, July 02, 2005

Off topic - my list of stupid people : per request

Everyone has at one time or another done something stupid. In and of itself, that does not make one a stupid person. I admit to brain farts. That said, some people act in ways that can not be mistaken for a momentary lapse of brain function. Here is my list of stupid people - I hope it pisses some of you off:

1. Vegetarians
2. Vegetarians that smoke (these people get honorary Darwin awards, designated HDA)
3. Those that oppose the death penalty but are for abortion
4. Those that are for the death penalty but are against abortion
5. Anyone seeking national or statewide public office
6. Anyone that is elected to national or statewide public office (HDA)
7. Anyone that drives in the left lane of a limited access highway and does not do at least 10 mph over the limit
8. Anyone that drives in the left lane of a limited access highway and does the speedlimit (HDA)
9. People that smoke
10. People under 35 that smoke (HDA)
11. Teenagers that smoke (DA)
12. People that smoke and have high blood pressure, obesity, asthma or lung disease (soon to be awarded a DA - but probably too late to have prevented gene transfer)
13. People that use illegal drugs - yes, you idiots that smoke grass too
14. People that drink and drive (HDA...but hopefully DA)
15. People that do drugs and drive (HDA)
16. People that think war is NOT an option (HDA)
17. People that think the United States is a bad country
18. People that think poverty is anyone's fault but the people in poverty
19. People that think the government can do better than marketplace (see #5)
20. People that think the smartest people are the smartest people
21. People that think I am full of shit
22. Drivers that will not enter the intersection to turn left when the light is green (HDA)
23. Bike riders that complain they have just as much right to the road, but somehow don't think they have as much RESPONSIBILITY to follow the rules of the road (DA)
24. Actors, who after playing a role, think they're an expert in a field...other than acting.
25. Anyone that thinks solutions to problems just need more money
26. Anyone opposed to freedom for everyone, at the point of a gun if necessary
27. Anyone that KNOWS I am full of shit
28. Anyone against the personal ownership of guns (any and all kinds and in whatever numbers)
29. Anyone NOT opposed to abortion after the 28th week
30. Anyone against religion
31. Anyone that thinks everyone needs to belong to a religion (worshipping a deity)
32. Democrats that think Republicans are uncaring shits only out for themselves
33. Republicans that think Democrats are sniveling little cowards
34. People that call themselves Democrats or Republicans and consider themselves better for it
35. Libertarians, independents and Greens, see 34, it applies to you too
36. Greens - you eco nuts, not the vegetable (HDA)
37. Anyone for animal rights. Animals do not have rights, CAN NOT HAVE RIGHTS!
38. Anyone that thinks anyone that owns a Hummer is bad
39. Anyone that owns a Hummer
40. Anyone that owns a plane and wants stricter rules on drilling for oil
41. Anyone that beats an animal
42. Anyone that beats a child
43. Any man that hits a woman
44. Any woman that hits a man
45. Any parent with an out of control child
46. Anyone that wants stricter rules on drilling for oil and: does not walk or ride a bike everywhere; uses electricity or plastic; does not grow their own food; does not live in a log cabin built with their bare hands
47. Anyone opposed to immigration
48. Anyone not opposed to deporting illegal immigrants immediately
49. Anyone that thinks the UN is a viable and useful institution
50. And last but not least, anyone that read this list and didn't agree with at least 40 items.

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Anonymous said...

Damn! I only agreed with 39 items. I am so stupid. When will I ever learn? If only an elected public official had provided more money for my education when I was a child. My self estime is now very low and I have this urge to go out to a bar and have a cigarette and a veggie brat.