Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Opinion - Merging

There you are, in the right lane of a highway, moving at a respectable 60 mph in a 55. An on ramp approaches and a vehicle is inbound to your lane. Right about at the point the grass disappears there is a sign on the ramp....it says MERGE. The idiot speeds up to 60 (we will not consider the idiot that stops at this point for now) and pulls even with you...then he begins moving into your lane forcing you out or into an accident...and he has the gall to give YOU the finger!

Problem 1. The driver entering the highway thinks he has right of way....he doesn't.
Problem 2. The driver does not attempt to adjust his speed to enter the flow of traffic....
Problem 3. You allow him to bully you into moving.....
Problem 4. He thinks he was right...and you let him...

Clear about the scenario? Good, because immigrants think the responsibility for their merging into our society, is our responsibility....and the apologists are letting them get away with it.

First, our society is here, it flows, it works. Anyone seeking to enter it, must adjust to our flow. Any time we force our society to yield to those entering, we disrupt the flow of our society. That is why having government services and documents in foreign languages (yes, they are foreign even if 10 million, 20 million even 40 million speak the language here) is counterproductive.

Second, when people enter our society, they are responsible for getting up to speed with how it works. It is not our society's responsibility to adjust to their needs.

Third, by letting those that are entering our country (and those that support them) to force us to change to accommodate, it sets a precendent both for those that follow and those that want their own accommodations.

Fourth, by letting it happen, we allow people to tell us we are wrong, when we were right to begin with.

And to those that suggest that failing to adjust will just lead to an accident, I can assure you, that in EVERY case where I refused to move, they either panic stopped on the shoulder, or adjusted their own travel.

Next time someone suggests to you that our society must accommodate those of different ethnic or religious backgrounds, tell them the responsibility to merge is theirs, not ours.

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