Sunday, July 10, 2005

Opinion - UPDATE - Terrorist

I asked for the Moslem community to condemn terrorists and a reporter wrote a story addressing that issue. He said that many Moslem groups issue condemnations every time a terrorist blows up something. He then listed several he had received post the British bombings and included (apparently) the full release.

Here is what I found funny about his story....every one of those organizations of Moslems that issued a condemnation, was an organization here in the US that had the benefit of freedoms.

Maybe I am asking too much.

On a somewhat related note, I quit a listserv because I had no time and I was tired of fighting with the lefties there. Unfortunately, I still see the postings because Victoria remains a member. Generally I ignore them but there was a thread on the British bombings and I will only recount one line

"I can't help but feel that the British brought this down upon themselves."

Any proof that the writer is not worth the time is confirmed by the use of these three words: "can't help feel"

What spineless crap.

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