Thursday, July 07, 2005

Position - Terrorist

I may be overstepping my "moderate" position.

Time for the Islamic community to step forward and "out" those in their community calling for Jihad. The people in Iraq must "rat" out the people in their mist that support those that would kill civilians. The fanatical component of Islam is destroying any hope for the peaceful co-existence of Islam with other religions and secular communities.

People in the United States and Europe and Asia must ask their Moslem neighbors to push their community to actively ostracize those in their community that support - even only vocally - terrorism in an form, for any purpose.

UPDATE: In the past, most other religions have justified the killing of non-believers as God's work. I do not dispute or justify it. The difference now is that Islamic extremists have access to materials that can kill hundreds at a time.

If the militants only targeted military targets in Iraq, I would say tough shit to our troops, go find them and kill them. And before you think I am just sitting on the sidelines with nothing to nephew walked out of a mess tent in Mosul not too long ago...and it saved his life...he joined last fall, an obligation he felt....he is a walking target, he knows it, his wife knows it, my brother knows it, I know it.

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