Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Opinion - Politics and the Supreme Court

Is it because I have lived with an attorney lo these 10 years? The Supremes are getting senile. Given my current state of affairs with Republicans, letting them loose to nominate (potentially) 3 Justices has me a little on edge. I am personally, more constructionist. Having the Justices find a right that does not exist in the written word of the Constitution is dangerous and having done so, they have embarked upon a slippery slope.

If people want a right and it is not listed in the Constitution, then legislate it. However, a right at the end of your arm is not a right at the end of my nose.

You know, I sit here reading that sentence and it doesn't seem right...

Doesn't the Constitution work to LIMIT government? Isn't it designed to protect us, from it?

Why do we have to make a law to have a right? We have all rights, but limit our use of them in order to have a functional society. I have to work through this....bear with me for a while...

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