Tuesday, February 14, 2006


If Dick Cheney had accidentally ran over Mr. Whittington with a golf cart resulting in a dangerous back injury would the current frenzy be occurring?

How about Mr. Whittington being hit by a golf ball and suffering a severe concussion?

How about Mr. Whittington tripping while walking down stairs with Cheney and suffering a broken neck?

Or is it only because a gun is involved?

And of the 18 hours. The shooting took place about 5:50pm. Assuming fast action and close proximity to a hospital, Mr. Whittington might have been in the hospital by 6:30 and no doubt Cheney was very worried about his long time friend. Give the doctors some time to determine his condition and call it 7:30pm. Apparently Bush was informed shortly thereafter and I am certain he was told Cheney pulled the trigger even if no one else is going to own up to it.

So...an accident occurs, the VP is not injured. Injuries to a private citizen appear non-life threatening. Put out the press release in the morning. Anyone got a problem with this? If Mr. Whittington had fallen off horse while riding and broke his neck, permanently paralyzed...VP issues a press release? How about the family? Any consideration there?

Or is it only because there is a gun involved?

I thought the left liked cowboys right now?

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