Friday, February 17, 2006

February Rant #1

Inherent in the liberal mindset is the belief that their position is based on compassion and rigorous intellectual effort. Therefore, anyone that does not share those beliefs is either not compassionate, ie evil, or lacking sufficient intelligence to reach a similar conclusion. The idea that most of human existence is nonlinear completely escapes them. (Nonlinear - more than 1 possible solution to 1 set of events)

Some examples:
"War is not the answer"

But is one possible answer. Of course the response to Pearl Harbor was war, but there were people that 1) blamed the US for Japan feeling it necessary to attack (sound familiar?) and 2) felt that we could negotiate with Japan. Chamberlain argued that Hitler could be talked to.

"Iraq is not our enemy"

Of course it was. As long as it was lead by Saddam, it was. North Korea is our enemy, Syria and Iran are. The PEOPLE of those countries may not be. Osama is not our enemy, he is a threat. Osama can not destroy the United States. He might be able to damage a part of it...but the liberals (and their press partners) have done more damage than 9/11...

You know what scared the shit out of the world? An America united and focused in anger. Not a single country (or group of them) could stand against us. The only real threat to the United States right now is being divided internally. And the liberals CLEARLY KNOW THIS.

Look back to 2002. Between the first attack on Afghanistan and the end of the year, the press caught on to the very small minority that blamed us for 9/11. It was our fault...not 19 murderers...not Osama...not the Taliban...we asked for it. Over the year, more and more it was printed that we were at fault...actually, Bush was at fault...

"Not in our name"

The arrogance of such a position. However, it is completely consistent with their idea that Iraq is not our enemy. It is also completely consistent with their "Bush is not my president". It all hinges on the concept that they are better than their countrymen. Understanding this position is simple: look how many of these people responded to 9/11 by demanding Afghanistan be blown 'back' into the dark ages. "How could they attack us...we are was our government...not us!"

The liberal belief is actually based on a conservative ideal (no, really, give me a sec..): personal responsibility. Liberals believe each of us personally have a responsibility to help others less fortunate, lucky, skilled, educated than they (liberals) are. Their focus is on their own behavior...they have to help, they have to be the honorable ones, the ones that turn the other cheek...because the "others" are just not as good as they are...poor souls. And...and...we agree with ONE qualifier: did those "poor souls" arrive in their position as the result of their own choices, or choices out of their control? See, conservatives believe in personal responsibility also...we just expect OTHERS to held accountable too.

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(SR71)Atomica said...

I have to agree with you 100 percent as the far left have become poisoned with their irrational partisan hatred and a few have even aggravated our efforts at ensuring national security.
Sometimes I wonder if they would be happier moving to a country that would more readily accept their POV, like China or Cuba.