Monday, February 13, 2006

Incitement #2

Newspapers around the US are refraining from printing the editorial cartoons of Mohammad so as to not inflame the situation, insult Moslems, or provoke the wrath of the fanatics. So, tell me...exactly what were they doing with hundreds of pictures of prisoners in Abu Grab? Despite being told and shown, that publishing the pictures would do nothing but inflame the situation, the papers stated it was their duty to inform their readers and that without the pictures the story was incomplete.

John Gibson of FN pissed me off last week with his insistence that a Victorville California newspaper editor would act differently (they published one cartoon with an editorial) if they had a large Muslim population available to threaten their staff. (Note: I lived in outside Victorville while stationed in the Air Force and read the Daily Press most days).

If any media outlet published ONE picture of prisoner abuse from Abu Grab and they do not publish the cartoon(s) they have failed as an institution to live up to their mandate: stand and fight for freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom from religious persecution. Is it any wonder they oppose the war on terror...

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