Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Jar Jar Binks Award

Yes, I have decided to create an award for people who's sensibilities are harmed by the crassness of everyday life...

The Jar Jar Binks Award will be initially presented to James Risen, New York Times correspondent and author of "State of War". Dean Barnett offered a review of the book and mentioned two episodes that caught my eye:

"You know where you are going. Before you get there, I'm going to find your mother and fuck her." Once again, Risen was so traumatized that he had to resort to putting the quote in italics to fully display his displeasure.
Risen's attitude in both cases shows you where he and his like-minded ilk stand. Note how his concerns here go well beyond the range of Andrew Sullivan-defined torture. While the belligerent CIA agent's comment will no doubt strike some as offensive and unnecessary, perhaps it is for the best that rough men like him are waging the war on terror rather than kindly sensitive types like James Risen.

Of course the Left is concerned with torture, after insuring the guns are unloaded, the interrogator's hands are tied, their response to "What are we going to use...HARSH LANGUAGE?!" is... of course not. As Jar Jar Binks would say, "Hawww ruudde!"

Congratulations James Risen, 1st recipient of the Jar Jar Binks Award.

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