Tuesday, February 21, 2006

February Rant #2

Olympics: We watch them (we love curling) and have been consistently doing so. One thing that has stood out for us is the lack of ability in American gold medal winners to actually sing the National Anthem....it is quite apparent they don't know the words...what is with that? Can't the Olympic Committee hand out the words to Olympians in their welcome packets?

Ports: Hillary is against it therefore, I am for it. Wait. Carter is for it therefore I am against it. Wait. I am against it because they are Arab? Racist? Me? Never...I am for it. Wait. How about some F.A.C.T.S!?! Until something changes, I am for Dubai getting the contract.

MSM: Is there really any reason to even bother with them anymore? 1) They never get their own information, it is either picked up from the wires or from some small hustling wannabe that actually gets the story; 2) EVERY story has a slant, a bias, a prejudice even if you can't see it right away. All reasonable sounding until someone else points out the fallacies inherent in the reports; 3) Did I really see a show over the weekend where the media was covering the story of the media and how it covers the media? A true result of self-esteem building navel gazing being taught in classrooms from kindergarten to graduate schools; 4) 1/2 of the stories are about MSM non-bias, 1/2 the stories are about other MSM failures to either report or report accurately, 1/2 the stories are about MSM itself, 1/2 the stories are about how bad non-MSM sources really are compared to the MSM, 1/2 the stories are about how America is destroying the world (globalism, imperialism, greenhouse gases), 1/2 the stories are about how American is doing nothing to save the world (hunger, poverty, democracy-opps...democracy is unnecessary); and last but not least, at least 3/4 of the stories are about how America, having done nothing, or everything, or too little or too much, is to blame for tsunami's, hurricanes, earthquakes, war, poverty, hunger, socialism failing, capitalism overpowering, religious strife, cartoons, freedom of the press/speech, killing Hitler... And I think my percentages are understated.

Cynicism: I have decided that I can not believe what anyone writes, reports, televises or tells me anymore unless I have heard it from at least two other completely unrelated sources, with at least two other conflicting opinions about what it means and if at all possible, two separate legal opinions that actually contradict what a reasonable, non-lawyer would think about the topic. If you think that I have too much time on my hands (I do, business sucks), or that I will never actually get all of the above on just about any topic, you are right(both counts). So, what would you do?

I'm thinking about chucking it all and moving to New Orleans to build houses and live in an RV. No actually I am not. (Victoria will read this and be worried). But come on. The world has a billion Moslems that consider my murder to be nothing more than stomping on a bug trying to crawl into their house, (moderate Moslems you say? Where? If they exist, they are hiding from the fanatics). There are a couple tens of millions of Christians that want nothing more than Armageddon, the sooner the better. Socialists (Communists with an inferiority complex) want everyone to pay everything so that everyone else will have everything they don't have but want because the Jones have it...as long as it is not invented, produced, manufactured, marketed or funded by anyone or anything American as that would be globalistic, imperialistic, capitalistic subjugation of impoverished peoples. Oh yea, and anti-union...

Iran wants a nuke, does ANYONE seriously believe that they are just going to let it sit on some well-lit pedestal to be admired? Does anyone seriously believe that if we ignore it and they use it, we will not be blamed for not acting unilaterally? Does anyone seriously believe that if we act unilaterally before they get a nuke and blow the shit out of them, that we will not be shouted down in every city in Europe, many here at home and UNIVERSALLY condemned?

Every single person I have ever known that has driven with me tells me I am a terrible driver, a threat to every decent driver on the road...but EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, wants ME to drive if we are late!

I am tired of whiners and what the hell is a rant but whining?!?

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