Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OFF-TOPIC: Blogrolling

Yesterday I spent some time updating my blogroll. I wanted the list to more clearly represent what I am reading and recommending and my own idea about what blogging should be.

There are blogs that have literally a hundred blogs in their blogrolls. I am happy to appear in a few, however, I believe the best use of a blogroll should be to highlight blogs that you think others would benefit from reading. The blogs listed here I read regularly. Others that I visit only on occasion (either because I strongly disagree with their viewpoint or because like me, they don't post regularly) are omitted.

People like being listed in the blogrolls of popular sites...it MIGHT mean a few extra visitors and if the visitor count is important, worth the effort. However, the majority of us do not blog for dollars/visitors. So how about it? Trim your blogrolls, focus on those you would recommend to other busy readers and maybe blogrolls will become as valuable a resource on your page as it's position suggests!

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