Sunday, February 01, 2009

Experience or political connections

Senator Russ Feingold has endorsed Julie Genovese for Circuit Court judge. Why? Because he knows her; she is politically connected. Experienced? Please. She does have more experience than Barak Obama in a court room, but that is saying little.

Experience matters. In the courtroom. Julie Genovese has little experience except as a friend of Russ Feingold. I will admit that FORMER Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Ehlke at least knows what a courtroom looks like. And if we elected judges to a particular court - family court, criminal court, etc - then Ehlke might be a viable candidate for Criminal Court Judge, but we don't. Our judges are expected to handle the full range of court cases and ONLY Charlie Schutze has that experience.

From Charlie's website:

Based on Wisconsin CCAP Charlie has:
-More than twice the Courtroom & Trial experience of his two opponents combined
-More Diverse Experience:
Divorce & Family Cases(inc. Adoption, Paternity, Custody & Support, GP Visitation)75200
Civil Litigation/Personal Injury11617628
Criminal Felony cases6419*
*(Inc. 5 as ADA)
Criminal Misd/Traffic/OWI
(1st Offense OWI are not on CCAP)
*(inc. 999 as ADA)
Estate Probates2700
(Not on CCAP)
Bankruptcy (Federal Court)70400
Real Estate Matters6500
Wills & POAs34300
Business Formations2700
Current Tax Clients16500
Other Areas of Law466??
Charlie has handled Jury Trials in Criminal Felonies & Misdemeanors,Personal Injury, Contract Litigation, CHIPS and TPRs.

Almost anything that might come before a Circuit Judge, Charlie has hands on
experience in. As a CPA, he understands the financial and tax aspects of cases.

Charlie has practiced in:
Adams, Columbia, Dane, Dodge, FonDuLac, Iowa, Jefferson, Juneau, Marathon, Marquette, Milwaukee, Rock, Sauk, Sheboygan , Walworth and Washington Counties, Wisconsin Federal Courts and the U.S. Tax Court.

Hey Russ - friends are great to have over for a Superbowl party - but that is not a reason to be judge!

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