Wednesday, February 25, 2009

40 Days

1. States are threatening tax refund checks - THAT IS OUR MONEY.
2. We are being forced - yes, forced - to pay for a stimulus that takes from private citizens and gives to government entities
3. What happened to tax cuts for US!?

So, here is the plan - IF you normally receive a refund at the end of the year - go to your employer and have them STOP withholding federal taxes from your paycheck for the next 40 days. Three paychecks. It will reduce the refund you get next year - but YOU get a 'stimulus' right now!

The extra money you get is YOURS. Spend it wisely.

And, after Lent, just put your withholding back to where it was. We get a stimulus and the Federal Government learns what happens when American's keep their money for themselves.

Let's give up letting the Federal Government use our money for free for Lent. How about you?

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