Saturday, January 31, 2009

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For the last year I have spent a lot of time working on helping to build the American Conservative Party. During that time I have spent a lot of time discussing, debating and arguing with 'conservatives' about who is a 'real conservative'.

What I am about to say will piss off a lot of people - which is why I am doing it here - this is NOT official ACP.

The biggest issue among conservatives is: how important are social conservative positions to a conservative philosophy/movement. Head on, the social conservatives are screwing the pooch.

If 6 conservative judges were on the Supreme Court, Roe v Wade would not be arbitrarily overturned. Cases on point would have to make their way through the lower courts and it would have to result in the Supreme Court NOT finding a right to privacy. I like my privacy. I think I have a right to my privacy - certainly from the prying eyes of the government but equally from those that find my lifestyle offensive. Abortion is not a GOVERNMENT ISSUE.

You can make all the arguments you want, I am an adult citizen of this country with rights inherent in my existence. I refuse to give them up because you think they are subordinated to another. The Republican party has had a 'right to life' position on it's platform for almost 30 years and NOTHING has happened. If abortion is your litmus test, YOU are part of the problem in this country.

If abortion is your issue - don't have one. If you know someone that is thinking of abortion and you don't offer to pay for the pregnancy and plan on adopting the child, you are a typical issue bitch.

Don't get me started on gay rights. I live the issue every day and the pathetic, useless and mindless suggestion that I can use written contracts and agreements to get the same rights as married couples is made by stupid morons that haven't a clue of the legal reality. So, if you want to suggest that marriage is a tradition that can't be changed, fine - get the government the hell out of your traditions. I don't accept them, I don't agree with them and your desire to limit my rights because you don't like me exercising them is NO DIFFERENT than some left-tard dressed in pink. If you don't want to marry a gay person, don't.

Every single time a reasonable person looks at conservatives agitating for fiscal conservative principles they run smack into some moron social conservative spouting crap. The more I run into social conservatives, the less I am convinced they are actually conservatives. If you want to keep the status quo, maintain the traditions - then you are a Classical Conservative - something we call liberals today.

Our Founding Fathers were LIBERAL. They despised the idea that government would interfere in the private lives of citizens. Our rights have suffered a thousand cuts til even most 'conservative' - anti government person thinks NOTHING of invoking government involvement.

Let me talk about Republicans. The party is corrupt. Period. I am uncertain if there is ANYONE I would trust running or calling themselves Republican. Here is what I know - if I can see a politician making an excuse or spinning a decision that is at odds with Principles - that person is morally bankrupt and should be scorned. EVERY single Republican that voted for Geitner PROVED their bankruptcy. EVERY SINGLE Republican that voted for the TARP, or votes for the 'stimulus' is a corrupt piece of shit. The Democrats are scorpions, it is their nature and desire to rule our lives so I can not fault their proclivities.

Anyone that buys the idea that we MUST eat the shit sandwiches provided for us by Republicans because the crap from the Democrats is worse, is a moron. "You should thank me for only stealing your wallet, the other guy would take your car too" sounds as stupid when a thief is saying it as when a Republican says it.

So, here we are. I once thought that social conservatives were just a sub-set of Conservatives. They are not. Yes, they might pay lip service to fiscal or security issues - but they would sell a fiscal conservative or security conservative into slavery for their social agenda. And yes, they, just like the radical left, have a social agenda. They want to take us back like Luddites into some dream world of the past where Mom and Dad and their two kids led idyllic lives and all was right in the world. For most people, those bad old days were much more a nightmare than 'pleasant'.

I am done, stick a fork in me. Social conservatives can stick their agenda up their ass. Like the Founding Fathers before me, I despise government intervention in our private lives and consider the current attempt to interfere with the marketplace to be criminal. Let social conservatives go find some party to sing Hosanna's with - right next to the progressives singing kumbiya. There is NO difference between them except with the GOD they seek to appease.

The future is what you make of it. I am taking back my future.

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Whigs in Virginia said...


Have you considered working with the Modern Whig Party? After looking into the ACP, I realized that you and the Modern Whigs are the only plausible attempts at building a party the right way. They also realize that it will take time before introducing a candidate, and they are not about trotting out some guy just to lose.

Also, despite the name of your party (and probably theirs), your general platforms and strategies are very similar. Both parties also seem to have relatively normal people running them instead of your typical tin-foil hat weirdo.

The Modern Whig Party was revived by veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan. You won't agree with everything they say, but if nothing else, this humble Whig blogger respects what your movement is all about.