Sunday, February 15, 2009

Your Responsibility

Senators Feingold and Kohl, Representative Baldwin

You own the Stimulus as much as President Obama. President Obama said without the stimulus passed, and passed soon, a catastrophe was in the making. Well, his answer to the coming calamity has been passed and he will sign it. Therefore, calamity averted....NOT.

Things are going to get worse and the stimulus bill will DO NOTHING to stop it, but it will preclude options on how to react in the future. As the economy worsens, you and our President will first ask for patience - let the bill work. But as little of the spending actually occurs in 2009, there nothing in it to work.

So, in about 10-12 weeks, we will be hearing of a second, more aggressive stimulus package that will be, like it's predecessor, useless - unless you are a government employee or hope to be one.

The current unemployment rate here in Wisconsin is 5.6% Every future rise in that number is your responsibility. While Governor Doyle is hoping for a slice of the pie to try and offset his own budget problems, I will be watching to see what use he has for our hard earned money...

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