Wednesday, September 28, 2005


DeLay has been indicted, Frist is ineffectual and Republicans are spending like drunken sailors. If it weren't for the absolute conviction that Democrats would actually be worse (but how could they be...), I would support the idea that Congress be dissolved and new elections ordered...oh wait...this is not Europe....sorry...we are stuck with these guys for another year+.

Can't someone please run against these idiots? Who me? No thanks. I have too many skeletons in my closet and some of them are still trying to move around.

Social liberal/fiscal conservative. Stay out of my bedroom and my pocketbook.

We all know really good people that would serve in a heart beat....except they look at the treatment of good people like John Roberts and say, "are you kidding?"

You have to be perfect, and if you are, no one believes it anyway. The first casualty of politics is truth. The second is the loss of good people. I don't like DeLay...frankly, I think he is slimy with a capital S. Frist reminds me of Gomer Pyle...nice guy, but an idiot - I know he is a doctor...but so is Kevorkian.

Blame us...everyone else does...we elect these guys...but we also complain that it is the lesser of two evils. So what happens is that 60% of us stay home and refuse to vote for either evil. In Louisiana, Nagin and Blanco WERE ELECTED. Say what you want about Brown being appointed and Bush being to blame (hey didn't Brown handle 4 hurricanes in 8 weeks in Florida last year....yea....seemed to do ok there...) we (at least the voters in LA and NO) are to blame...not Bush.

My rep is Tammy Baldwin...haven't seen hide nor hair of her this last month. Sen Feingold and Kohl. Feingold...I like but oppose because of his stance on Iraq. Kohl supported the bankruptcy bill and we won't go there (until October 18th when the real screaming will begin). So, I am much to blame as others. But people, something has got to change. We either accept that people are not perfect and look to leadership and passion, or we continue to look for perfection and know it is not possible ignore everything else bad.

What do we change? Is there no one ready, able and willing to step up? I see no evidence....

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