Monday, October 03, 2005

A few minor rants

1. I have turned off anonymous postings, the spam level jumped over the weekend, yes, you commentors over the weekend ARE SPAMMERS, I don't give a damn about your pathetic sites.

2. Bush's selection of Supreme Court. What can I say...I bailed on the Republicans months ago. DeLay should not have been indicted for election violations, HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR "WE HAVE CUT ALL THE FAT POSSIBLE". GIVE ME A BREAK.

3. Bicyclists that complain I don't follow the rules of the road...and then break the rules of the road. The person that complained I didn't signal my turn as he went through the stop sign....asshole...

4. It is less than 14 days until the new bankruptcy law goes into effect. People are coming out of the woodwork and expecting us to jump. I had someone try to get us to file a case with no filing fee, no attorney fee...his complaint...he was broke.

5. Credit card minimum payments are going to 4% this month; gas is $3 a gallon here in Madison, WI; heating oil is over $2 a gallon (3 times what it was two years ago when people SCREAMED); natural gas is double last years price (on this note, our local gas supplier offers commercial accounts a fixed price over the winter, usually about a 15% premium to the current, but usually lower than the expected peak price, we took the deal 3 out of the last 5 only paid off the first year, since then, about 20% more on average....we aren't going to do it this year and take our chances) - can anyone say recession?

6. Speaking of which - the reports that August numbers were down because of the hurricane is frankly a little hard to swallow...come on people, it hit on August 30th.... Everyone in government/politics/economics is going to spin the September numbers as purely hurricane spikes(or troughs) but here is my prediction (and we know how well I did the last time there)...14% drop in retail sales this Christmas over last with 4th quarter growth less than 2%(maybe less than 1.5%). Watch 1st quarter numbers if oil, gas and heating fuels stay where they are the new year we may be filing more bankruptcies than ever.

7. From a long time ago: Rush said that nothing important was ever done by a moderate...I beg to differ. Moderates get up every morning and go to work. They do not lead marches, sit outside a ranch, create billion dollar companies, run for statewide or national office. They do the job they need to do, earn their paycheck, pay their bills, raise their children and if they are really, really lucky, retire and enjoy some years of rest. Moderates are why this country works despite Bush, DeLay, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, Roberts and Sandra Day O'Connor. Moderates keep Walmart, US Cellular, GM, Charter, Time, AOL, Rush, Monday Night Football and Budweiser alive. Oh yes....moderates are in Iraq right now...serving their country. Rush, next time you complain about moderates, take out your is filled with dollars given to you by moderates.

8. Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney: both of you just shut up.

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