Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Late Summer Rant

Morality is personal and SUBJECTIVE, it is not societal nor objective.

I am tired of people slamming me (and others like me) as amoral. They act like I am some kind of sociopath.

Here is the basis of my morality...

Rule #1: Always act in my own best interest.

Best interest - defined as the set of goals I have set for myself
Always act - personal responsibility - actions I take I must be held accountable for, ALWAYS, without qualification or exception.

Corollary: I must offer the same level of freedom of action to others as I hold for myself. If I have absolute freedom to act, so does everyone else. Therefore, if I seek to limit the actions of others, I must likewise be limited. I therefore accept the laws of the land as applicable to me because they are enforceable on others on my behalf.

Personal freedom means personal responsibility. Suggest to me that there are many people that need the structure imposed by society in order to act appropriately and I will not disagree in the general but will in the specific. If you assume people are children, what incentive do you offer them to grow up?

The Constitution of the United States is a document of maturity. Isn't it about time we started to act like the adults it assumes exist under it's umbrella?

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