Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Americans are giving hand over fist to the people of the Gulf Coast, yet a vocal and oh so minor minority continue to proclaim that we are the stingyist country in the world when it comes to aid. They claim that we should give .7% of our GDP to help the less fortunate around the world....(they might be the same people claiming we can't help our own people...might not).

So, to ANYONE that agrees we need to donate in cold hard cash (in kind aid doesn't appear to count) $42 BILLION a year to help end poverty I ask this simple question:

For how long?

How long do we engage in this WAR ON POVERTY? Of the 10-12 TRILLION spent so far...how far have we gotten?

So, I might consider your plea, but you have to tell me for how long? I want an exit plan. No open ended commitments to spend billions every year without any way to determine if it is accomplishing it's goals.

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