Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Over the weekend I had a chance to talk to someone about Iraq. The question she asked, as so many have before her, was "what right did we have to go into Iraq". My answer is, and has been, "who else was going to?"

If it is imperialism when we act and racist indifference (is that possible?) when we don't (Rwanda), exactly where do those that object to the US stand?

What right does a passer-by have in interfering with a parent hitting a child? A husband beating his wife?

When people suggest that other countries have a right to the type of government they have without the US interfering, they give strength to those that abuse their own people.

What makes me think our way of life is better than someone elses? DUH! LOOK AROUND!

Name me a single country, ONE, with greater potential for it's citizens, with greater freedoms for it's citizens...ONE. I will not make it harder by asking that you add the criteria that whatever country you name also invites more immigrants.

The United States has an OBLIGATION to support freedom and democracy around the world, and those incredibly brave men and women of our armed forces know that deep in their souls.

I joined the Air Force in 1977 when it was very much NOT in fashion...but I had only a distant fear that war would break out during my enlistment. My nephew joined during war with the complete knowledge that he was going to be going to an active war zone. His sacrifice stands World Trade Center TALLER than my service.

As was true in the 60's, those that stand in open opposition to our war on terror, give aid and comfort to the enemy. Such pandering only emboldens those that think death (specifically our death) is an honorable calling.

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