Thursday, June 09, 2005

Opinion - June Rant (#1 ?)

Throughout the 60's and 70's, the (D) politicians supported and gained solid electoral favor by creating a society in which people felt "due" government largesse. By the end of the 70's, the crack in that false society began to show. Starting at the top, the idea that work and investment could get more people out of poverty than entitlements gained favor, but it wasn't until the early mid-90's that lower levels of government started getting the idea. know what, scratch that...

For 40 years (R) politicians yelled, kicked and screamed that the (D) politicians were spending the country into permanent debt. For the most part, Republicans agreed with them (even though the (R) politicians were closet spenders). It seems that with (R) politicians in power at the Federal level (and over the last decade increasingly at the state level) that spending is more out of control NOW more than ever.

When a child is raised in poverty and for whatever reason gains wealth as an adult, there are two possible results: first, having learned frugality at an early age, they continue to live frugally and invest their wealth, multiplying it manyfold; or, second, they go on a binge and buy everything in sight. Can you guess where I think (R) politicians have gone?

The WSJ opinion page had the story about Texas, similar to the federal government, (R) politicians control the whole ball of wax....and are they too are making a mess of things financially.

The majority of the national population (IMO) believe that entitlements are wrong, PERIOD. However, most of that same majority desire to ASSIST people in need, and consider attempts to do so honorable...even necessary. However, for decades (R) politicians have repeatedly stated that government money can not fix every problem, nor should it try. I agree. Unfortunately, since the (R) politicians have come into their own power, they seem hell bent on not only trying to fix every problem with government money, they are SEEKING new problems to fund!

The (R) politicians, at the federal and state level, have lost their way. Time for AMERICANS to show them out of the candy store.....

Note. For future reference, given the apparently inate ability of (R) and (D) politicians to vote AGAINST the best interests of their electorates, I no longer feel comfortable calling a politician a Democrat or Republican...they are politicians and they have their fingers in the wind....that stinky wind so often blowing out of the Houses of Politicians. Therefore :

Republicans - voters most often voting for (R) politicians
Democrats - voters most often voting for (D) politicians

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