Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Opinion - The Future

I went looking for a quote that I once wrote down about the future. Now, I am a fan of science fiction for two reasons: first, most science fiction has the implied position that we will survive into the future...always a good thing; second, most science fiction requires that you put aside your pre-conceived notions about how things ought to be....ah change. Anyway, I couldn't find the quote but here it is - my version:

I object to everyone running down the future, I plan on living there and I want it to be a nice place.

Point 1: Iraq is a sink hole of epic portions

I challenge anyone that thinks so to predict either the weather on Saturday or the Dow on Thursday. Unless you have been in country, shut up.

Point 2: This country is in the middle of a real estate bubble that is going to destroy our economy.

Ok, I have my concerns about real estate, but they are mostly regional in nature and (as I am considering selling in the next 2 years) time sensitive. 90% of real estate isn't even located in the states with the highest price increases!

Point 3: Is it possible, just possible, that tomorrow might be a good day IF YOU GAVE IT A CHANCE?

When people wake up and before even getting dressed (on a scale of 1-10) give the day a 3, they really need a life. Suggestion: give up on the news first thing in the morning - WATCH CARTOONS!

So, the point of this little post - if you don't give the future a chance, the 'good ol'days' will have been a lot worse than you remember.

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