Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June Rant - just to finish it off

Item 1: Ok, the Supreme Court has ruled that a government can seize private property for the purpose of development - well that is what it means...

We already had such a situation here in my town. The city wanted a $100 million arts center (never mind that the arts in this town are severely under-attended) and to get it, they seized three businesses. The land was given to the "foundation" set up to build and run the center. The funding came from a local rich dude as long as the money was for BUILDING not RUNNING the arts center. The city will be stuck with the cost of running the elephant. Oh, did I tell you, in this town of lakes, there is not enough funding for lifeguards on the 20 beaches, and for years people have been trying to build a community pool but no money was available.

The Democrat Mayor seized the property, put 4 friends on the board (of 9) and hailed herself as the friend to the arts....she lost her next election race.....a distant 4th place in the democratic primary.

Item 2: I am tired of stupid people.

Item 3: Can we retest everyone? Ok, not everyone, but everyone that drives? Here is my suggestion. Everyone has to retake their driving test - any infraction, no matter how small, boom, no more license. I volunteer to be first. We have taken to calling our car "The Invisible One". We have been cut off so many times in the last year that it just boggles the mind we have not had an accident.

Item 4: In the saga of my degree. The university does not keep records after 5 years, they have to recreate my file "do you have any documents?" they asked nicely....stay tuned.

Item 5: We are starting a new business - see sidebar CLIENT AID. We need people in many geographical areas to 'franchise'. Contact me.

Last item: for almost 2 weeks we were supposed to get rain daily. We didn't, now my grass is getting brown.....I'm pissed...the only thing growing is the clover, the chickweed and something new I have never seen before...nice yellow flowers though...

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