Thursday, June 02, 2005

Opinion - College

Disclaimer: I have 282 pts of college credit in a school that requires 260 to graduate, my overall GPA is 3.2, I have 40 hours of major credit with 32 required...unfortunately, my gpa in my major is 2.749, or .001 short of required.

Is college required?
  • I know someone that has more hours than I do, is no where near a degree and is $67k in student loan debt....right, $ 67,000.00 in debt, no degree and at least another year (and $13k) to go. The degree she will get will NEVER pay her enough to pay her student loans.
  • Students graduating with social science BA degrees and 30k in debt, with little or no marketable skills.
  • Students with non-technical degrees "need" advanced degrees to obtain jobs capable of paying back the debt.
Exactly how much do students actually learn in college (when they are not making a specific attempt to learn)? If they are there, "because it is expected of them"?

And given some of the crap that passes as academic studies today, what real value does a degree hold? I mean, "Application of Temper Paints in Medieval Cloths"?

I live in a small city full of cab drivers and store clerks with DEGREES!


Anonymous said...

The whole concept of schools with walls, and especially dorms, in the Internet age borders on being a joke. It's horribly expensive, prolongs adolescence, and the claims about socialization are a joke.

Very good post on the absurdity of it all and the debts that go with it.


Shane said...

Don't worry about the GPA. I'm assuming you go to UW-Madison. For cases like yours they routinely let people graduate even though they don't make the GPA requirement/cut-off.