Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What is wrong with me?

I am a reasonably intelligent person. Fairly well read. Educated to a degree.

I read an editorial in the WSJ and find it's arguments compelling. A few days later, a rebuttal makes an equally (and heretofore unconsidered) strong case for exactly the opposite position. I read George Will, whom I admire greatly, and feel like an idiot, not even a honest one.

I am partnered with a very liberal Democrat, I understand implicitly the value of dissenting opinions. I acknowledge that honest people can have equally compelling, but opposing positions on many issues. How many people in this country (forget about considering the rest of the world for a moment) do not build into their daily lives opportunities for competing ideas?

When important decisions are made and respected people hold conflicting opinions on an appropriate do you decide who is right? This is important. We elect people to make tough decisions because in our analysis, those people most consistently reflect our own positions. But what happens when they do not make decisions we agree with?

I have often said (and did so again yesterday) that when a republican or democrat is elected President, they all seem to come to the understanding that they are no longer a democrat or republican, but the President of ALL OF US. The likelihood that a President will piss off both the opposition AND his own base approaches certainty is inherent in the job.

So, the right is disappointed (to use a term) that Miers is 1) a lightweight, 2) a close and loyal friend, 3) a missed opportunity to have a 'debate'. They complain that Bush has no stomach for a fight...that he is showing weakness.

Point: Less than 50% of the people continue to support the war in Iraq. That means that people that elected Bush are against the war. If the President has a weakness, it is in doing the right thing even when all around him abandon him and not calling them on it.

The same groups/individuals that claimed Roberts was "an inspired choice" now complain that Miers is completely idiotic one. Selections made just a couple of months apart by the same person. I'm confused....what's wrong with me?

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