Thursday, October 27, 2005

What now? Meirs and the next option...

George Bush can pick the most radical right wing ideologue and demand that the right stand up and fight every inch of the process for confirmation. A candidate without the slightest hint of moderation would be an open invitation to the base to put up or shut up.

Unfortunately, Bush has never seen fit to rub anyone's nose in their own crap, so expect a moderate conservative (is that possible?).

The person whose opinion I would most like to have for a recommendation to the Court is Judge Roberts.


MarvThroneberryII said...

Here is my two-cents of *should have dones* :appoint Roberts as associate as what was originally intended, then move Scalia or Thomas over as Chief to appease the right-wingers simultaneously playing down the role that a Chief Justice has on the court to the liberals -"it is really lagrely ceremonial" etc. Then get a Sandra Day O'Conner clone to fill the seat of Scalia or Thomas to keep the feminists happy. The RR would bicker, the libs grumble but their fire would not be flaming to provoke a fillibuster or a gun-down. The Democrats know they will not get another Ginsburg, the religious cons would be somewhat appeassed with Scalia or Thomas as Chief.
Instead, our sitting President went the route that he did naming a Texas crony with no judicial experience and it is now a huge mess. Indictive that he, and Karl Rove, have not one ounce of know-how twisting legislative arms, and doesn't fathom how to keep his own allied attack dogs penned.

crazymts said...

Wait, Mitch! Are you telling me that there is a LeapFrog version of the Constitution for Thomas?