Friday, October 24, 2008


If you were expecting a post about the stock market...sorry. I got on an elevator today but it was going up, I wanted to go down. The nice lady that pushed the button said that I would have to go up with them before being able to go down. I told her I was in the stock market and I was getting used to the up and down. We all laughed.

Fortunately I am NOT in the stock market otherwise it would have been the laugh of a desperate woman.

No, I am talking about the election. The previous post noted that the Obama supporters were no longer (if they ever were) interested in logic, reason, or even reality.

But, here is a prediction: John McCain by 51.6%

Why am I picking that number? It just came to me - but the reason for the prediction is less arbitary. A couple I have known for decades, who have never voted for anything BUT a democrat, told me they couldn't do it. They couldn't vote for Obama and their list of reasons is almost a rehash of the post below.

I think the pro-historical vote is going to get hammered by the 'you got to be kidding' group. I have argued on this blog for years that the average American - the Moderate Mainstream - is more conservative that anyone gives it credit for - but more than that, the mainstream of America is much smarter than most give them credit for.

I believe that McCain, a weak candidate, has more substance in his shadow than Obama does in his suit. 8 years ago the left was talking about gravitas. Notice they are not now? Not only does Obama lack gravitas, I am not sure he even has ....well, have you noticed a lack of jokes about his 'manliness'?

And the slams against Sarah Palin are backfiring on two fronts: conservatives are getting pissed that 'conservative = moron'. We knew were were being mocked and demeaned, but calling Sarah a moron is like saying Brett Favre was never more than a third string quarterback. On it's face, the comment is stupid. Second, honest women are getting their 'feminism' handed to them with a kick in the ass out the door. It is quite clear that 'woman' is not nearly as important as 'liberal'. Honorable democratic women that believed the Democrats really were more concerned with their issues are finding themselves not only on the outs, but dismissed as little airheads. They are not liking what they are seeing.

I have been told that McCain chose Palin to 'pander' to women. I disagree, but even if he did, it wouldn't have worked if Hillary had been treated with respect. Dem women compromised themselves for Bill Clinton and expected Hillary to be the price paid to give them back some of their dignity. They were thrown under the bus as fast as Obama could do so.

The democrats have pissed of 52% of the electorate to pander to 12%. And on November 4th, I think it will pay off....for McCain.

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