Friday, October 03, 2008

1/2 a chance

McCain, less than 18 hours after Sarah Palin gave his campaign a shot of adrenalin, attempted political suicide, again. McCain suggested he would consider calling upon Al Gore to help him deal with global warming issues.

If Sarah Palin had remained in relative obscurity in Alaska and McCain had chosen Lieberman or ...virtually any Washington name...McCain would be sitting at 20-25% in polls, running out of money and considered all but a lame duck candidate.

So the question is, why are people supporting McCain? Sarah Palin is going to be a Vice President, someone with less influence than Hillary had in Clinton White House. I really like Sarah Palin. I am really a big fan of McCain making the choice he did, but he continues to prove to me and other Conservatives that no matter what he SAYS, his actions still piss us off.

Sarah Palin gave McCain half a chance of becoming President, unfortunately she needs a running mate that brings the other half, and McCain seems disinterested.

(HT American Princess)

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