Sunday, October 05, 2008

How low can it go...

Frankly, if Obama were a Republican, he wouldn't even be a Senator. His relationship with a racist(Wright) would be MORE than enough to preclude his political career.

That said, his relationship with Ayers - even if it were as peripheral as the MSM and Obama were to have us believe, would be enough to generate an investigation into Obama's background and finances. His contacts would be enough to generate suggestions that a security clearance should be withheld.

The left doesn't care about Obama's lack of experience. Sarah Palin, in comparison is a seasoned professional. I want to be clear - there is NO candidate currently in the Presidential or Vice-Presidential slot with national and/or international experience. Biden's foreign policy experience would be pathetic if it were compared to Condi Rice. Biden's responses during the VP Debate show that lack clearly.

Being a Senator does not give you national experience even if it does give you national exposure. Being a Senator gives you committee experience - not leadership experience.

Being in a committee teaches you to pander to the constituency with the most influence and Senators are expert panderers. What they can not do is say no; be the adult.

If anything, Sarah Palin represents the adults in this country. Those of us with obligations and responsibilities recognize in her the experience that marks her as a leader. Sarah Palin's response to the 'fix me, heal me, help me, give me' crowd is 'GROW UP'. Enough of the left understands the comparison Palin makes just be being in her position and they are whining at being on the short side.

Losers hate being shown up. Winners like to see a champion perform even if it is at their expense. Losers will do anything to denigrate a winner, or their win. Anything is fair game to them. ANYTHING.

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