Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conspiracy theory

Regular readers of this blog know that I picked Lieberman as McCain's VP back in March. So, I have been waiting for a while to see if it happens. Given that Lieberman has become attached to the hip of McCain, I am very comfortable in my prediction.

I haven't bothered with Obama's pick because, well, I don't care. But I was smart are the Superdelegates of the Democratic Party? Could they be smart enough to think:

Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than Obama. What if the superdelegates, say about 200 of them, thought:

Hillary is going to get hammered by McCain for months before the Convention. What if we pledge to Obama and let him get hammered all summer, then vote for Hillary at the Convention?

Then, she will have the money to go after McCain and he will have spent millions going after the wrong candidate. Her financial status suggests that she in fact won't have the money...but what if all of a sudden is the candidate....she could raise millions in a few weeks and be ready to hit McCain right after the GOP convention.

Just sayin....

Now on to why I have been absent: The American Conservative Party.

A press release:

On August 1st, the House Republican Caucus took the lead in the current energy crisis, staying on the floor of the house to speak after the session was closed.

In response to their defiance, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi attempted to remove the Representatives from the floor, and when that was unsuccessful, shut down the lights and ordered C-Span to turn off the cameras in the chamber.

And still the House Republicans continue to speak. The GOP has shown true leadership in drawing attention to the unwillingness of the Democrat leadership to allow use of America's natural resources, alleviate economy crippling energy costs, and reduce our dependence on oil from overseas.

We at the American Conservative Party applaud the House Republicans, and salute this demonstration of the power of a principled stand for a conservative cause.

Speaker Pelosi's efforts to stifle debate displays the arrogance of the Democratic leadership and their disdain for the American people. Her actions demonstrate to the nation that the Democratic party and it's leadership has failed in their primary promise in the election in 2006 - the most open and honest congress in U.S. history.

The role of the Blue Dog Democrats, who won election and control over the House for the Democratic party via their stated belief in conservative principles, should not be overlooked either.

Their support has put into power a woman whose primary concern this summer is selling books and a quixotic effort to 'save the planet'.

The role of the representatives in the House - no matter their position - is to represent the people, not rule them. Now would be a great time for the Blue Dogs to remind Nancy Pelosi that she is Speaker of the House, not savior of Gaia.

This week has shown that her arrogance knows no bounds. In spite of her reversal on allowing a vote for offshore drilling as part of an energy package, she continues to keep the House cameras dark. Leaders do not fear the voice of dissent, and Speaker Pelosi has shown that she is not fit to lead the people's house.

Additionally, the failure of the three major networks to cover the event only serves to demonstrate that the MSM is complicit in pushing the agenda of the left over the rights of Americans.

This does not inspire confidence, as Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues openly seek to silence conservative voices via the 'Fairness Doctrine' and will likely find other ways to ensure that it is only their voice that the American people hear.

This crisis we find our selves in was not inevitable, however, and we are reminded that it is only in the minority that the GOP boldly stands behind conservative ideals. While in the majority, the GOP
- did not use the power given to them to lessen our dependence on foreign oil by ending the ban on offshore drilling
- did not encourage investment in nuclear, clean coal, and other viable sources of energy
- did not step in to block environment lawsuits that have stopped the oil companies from drilling on the disputed 68 million acres currently leased for drilling.

It is a fine thing to see conservative leadership in an area so crucial to the continued growth and prosperity of our country. It would be better if the American people could have counted on that leadership from the Republican Party when they could do something about it.

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Tina R.F.Hemond said...

Many independents (unenrolleds) who lean or vote Republican do so because they can "indentify" more with the moderate voice that has always come from that one party - unfortunately, there are only two choices when it comes to the ballot, and that because of the entrenched machines that are the Democrats and Republicans - both driven by personality and power more than by any desire to truly govern - Joe Lieberman has proven to be the exception, breaking ranks and going his own way - which - is why those who actually pay attention to the process to some degree felt that McCain would lean towards Lieberman - McCain's choice of Palin however, proves that there is more of an independent streak - growing within the party - something that is refreshing when one considers those reformers who were standing inside the darkened halls of congress doing the peoples work, while those in power on both sides were out campaigning or vacationing. It is a given (among some observers) that Progressives have successfully taken the Democrat party as their own. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that the same is happening in the Republican Party - independent conservatives in leadership positions within the Republican Party. I like the way you think.