Thursday, August 14, 2008

American Conservative Party

In November 1994, the nation voted the Republican party into the majority of the US House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. Conservatives rejoiced that they were finally being represented by a like-minded majority in our nation’s largest representative body.

Over the next 8 years the GOP rode the promises and successes of the Contract with American to victory in the White House, and then the Senate. Sadly, once elected into leadership of the entire elected Federal government, the Republican Party proved itself to be nothing more than what they asked conservatives to help them throw out less than a decade before: standard issue politicians.

Through a variety of scandals, spending sprees, and self serving legislation, the Republicans turned their back on a wide range of conservative principles, and in turn the conservative majority that had trusted them with the power to lead.

In 2006, control over the national legislature was given to the Democrats through a combination of conservatives either staying home at best, or even voting for the new, conservative-sounding Democrats, deciding to give them a chance to lead.

The results have been illuminating.

The Democrats have used their hold on power to hamstring the nation prior to the upcoming election. As of this writing they are on recess, having done nothing to address the serious energy crisis looming on the horizon though the Friends of Angelo and their allies did find time to pass a bailout for their donors in the mortgage industry.

And the Republicans? While their efforts in the minority have their moments of promise for conservatives, they too supported the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a public/private company that continues to escape standard industry regulation while giving millions to leaders of each party.

I guess you can’t expect too much from a party that failed to oppose the choice of people trusted to run that boondoggle (hint: google Jamie Gorelick)

In case there is any doubt where conservatives and our principles stand in the GOP today, the leadership put their influence, contacts, and resource to nominate a man to the party’s Presidential nomination whose primary legislative battles of the last decade include:

    - Watering down the first amendment and protecting incumbent politicians from criticism before an election

    - Attempting to reward illegal entry into the country through amnesty and putting them ahead of those immigrants waiting for entry while still abroad.

    - Handcuffing the GOP Senate majority in the most far-reaching power they hold - confirmation of judges to the federal bench

The history of the GOP in regards to conservatives is clear: they court us and respect our principles when they need power, and leave those principles behind once in command.

With the next election, we can look forward to a government dedicated to the priorities of the new political class : holier than though leadership by self styled wise men and women whose initiatives will usher in an era of big government, expanded entitlements, identity politics and grievance theaters that will occupy even greater time and attention in a compliant media environment.

Currently, there is no one in Washington or beyond that we can trust to stop the madness and return this nation the principles of its founding:

Individual rights and responsibilities

Small unobtrusive government

Protection of American interests abroad

These are the ideals the powered the greatest experiment in citizen government in history.

And it is with these principles and ideals that we have formed the American Conservative Party, a national group focused on taking the power of government from the political class and putting it back in the hands of real leaders.

Leaders whose accomplishments go beyond winning elections or editing an Ivy League law review. Leaders who understand they are elected to represent the people, not rule them.

A fight against a force as large, powerful, and entrenched behind the great wall of bureaucracy will take time, planning, resources, and most importantly, people.

It’s because of this final need that we are contacting you today.

If you are interested in helping to take back your local government from the coalition of lobbyists, union bosses, bureaucrats, and grievance groups deciding how best to spend your money and expand their reach into your daily life, come by and have a look at our platform.

If you are tired of judges and commissions eroding your rights and deciding your values and ideals have no place in our society, come and take a look at our creed.

And if you want to be a part of the fight to take back the governance of our nation from a self-selecting elite that encroaches further and further into your life, then join up and become part of the party that puts you front and center of our mission.

The American Conservative Party: putting you back in charge.

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