Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why Hillary?

People...ok, men, need to be aware of this, because you may not get it. I noted elsewhere that Victoria is voting for Hillary because Hillary is a woman. I thought that was a bad reason to vote for her, and still do, but I did realize something this past weekend when all the pundits were all but calling Hillary dead in the water.

I would miss not having a woman as a potential Presidential candidate. Really, when you think about it, even Republicans are ok with the idea of a woman President. But other than Hillary, there are NO women even close to the point of running. THAT is what is supporting Hillary. For the first time we have a woman really, possibly, in a position to be President. If Hillary fails, it may be years, maybe decades, before another woman gets to the point of running with a serious chance.

I am opposed to Hillary on principled grounds, but anyone that dismisses the power of her run BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN risks pissing off 53% of the electorate. I apologized to Victoria.

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