Thursday, March 06, 2008

Standing in line...

Ever go to a store and after wandering the aisles, head for the checkouts, and face 8 or 10 or 15 lines of varying sizes? Pick one that might be moving just a little faster than the others. Upon picking one that seems to be moving, you get in line and it seems that the clerk and everyone in front of you falls asleep. Meanwhile, the longest line has been reduced to the shortest. In total disregard for all the time you spent in the first line, you jump to the faster moving, shorter line. Only to have it stall and the line you were in, empty in record time.

Every time it happens you are reminded that you need to make your choice and stick to it. Well, Michigan and Florida are learning the hard way.

Disenfranchised by their own actions, they want something no one else is getting, a chance to do over their vote. And instead of actually doing the redo with the 8 or 10 candidates that existed at the time, there will be only 2 choices.

For years Republicans have complained that the Democrats were ignoring personal responsibility. It was only a matter of time before Democrats actually did so in a Presidential Primary Election (a P-Pee).

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