Thursday, January 03, 2008


The GWOT is a fight against Islam. Sorry my moderate, Muslim friends. Your religion has been co-opted for a war against everything this country stands for. Islam has become the rallying point for every bad impulse against the future.

Only when Islam is cursed and discredited can it hope to become a Religion of Peace. There may be an interpretation of Islam that is consistent with Western values, but such an interpretation has been buried under a raging flood of hatred and violence.

The West can no longer give Moslem's the freedom they deserve to practice their religion because so many of them, MILLIONS of them, practice it via bloodshed. No religion should, or can be allowed to practice blood sacrifices of humans, and as seen around the world, Moslem's are claiming blood for their rituals. What is truly unfortunate is that the blood spilled is more often Moslem than infidel.

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