Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fred and McCain

Some people have suggested that McCain would be more palatable if Fred were to be his VP choice.
As a Fredhead, I will explain why if it happens, it will be unlikely to help McCain and it will damage Fred.

Fred is a conservative. McCain is not. Many of the positions Fred took, oppose the positions McCain has taken. If Fred were to join McCain, he would have to pocket his conservative principles to support McCain policies. Such a pocketing of principles would deny all that Fred stood for. If he were willing to do so, it would immediately call into question just how many of his 'principles' were for hire.

McCain is not a conservative. Having a VP that proved he would pocket his principles in order to attain the VP slot would only encourage McCain that despite all the vitriol, he held the correct positions for Republicans. Knowing that McCain would backstab the conservatives of his party, sorry, knowing that the conservatives in the party would support him and his VP, he would be more likely to through our principles right back in our face, and most of us are smart enough to know if Fred did accept the VP slot, we are actually a lot more stupid than anyone gave us credit for.

McCain would not benefit by having a pseudo-conservative turn-coat, and the consistent conservative would be happily selling his conservative soul.

Sorry. If Fred were McCain's VP, it would send the wrong signal to McCain, and the conservative base would lose a voice they thought was theirs.

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