Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I had a dream...

Ok, maybe a nightmare, but I was awake:

"Welcome the last Democrat debate before Super Tuesday. We will start with opening statements. Senator Clinton?"

"Thank you Tim. Before I start, I want to address Senator Obama. Barak, if you are the nominee, the Republicans are going to really go after your lack of experience. I tend to agree with you that your life experience is more important, but I have seen their efforts up close and personal. That said, I think I can speak for most people that you campaign for hope and change is one that makes most Democrats proud. So, in that spirit I make the following offer.

Barak, join me in a campaign for the Presidency and Vice Presidency. Together, we will bring your message of change right to the Republicans. I am not asking you to be my Vice President, I am asking you to be my running mate. If Democrats vote for you in larger numbers that those that vote for me, I will take the VP slot. If it is the other way, you take the VP slot.

Our positions on virtually all the important issues are the same or very similar. I think if we combine forces, we will energize Americans the way no team has ever done. Will you join me?"

If she actually offered this, and he actually agreed. They would get 70% of the vote and crush, absolutely crush ANY republican pairing.

Fortunately, the ego of both of them will prevent it.....THANK GOD.


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