Friday, October 20, 2006

Numbness...or short attention span?

A suggestion has been made that Americans are numb to the death and destruction impaled on our psyche daily by the press. Ya think?

In the United States in 2005 there were:
16,927 murders
417,122 robberies
93,934 forcible rapes

Meaning, everyday in the United states there are 46 murders, 1,142 robberies and 257 rapes. Put that next to the droning of how many people were slaughtered in the name of Allah in Baghdad today.

Now, in this country, no matter how "numb" we are to the daily carnage we hope that the criminals are punished and we are saddened for the victims. Ok, not really unless it is close to home, but you can be pretty certain, NO ONE IS CHEERING!

No preacher is standing in front of his flock and telling them to go forth, murdering and raping! (Unless that preacher happens to be MUSLIM...then I am not so sure.)

People are not NUMB to the carnage in Baghdad (and make no mistake, despite the occasional car bomb in Mosul or Basra the main problem is in Baghdad and it's suburbs) they just recognize two minor facts: A larger percentage of the population is actively supporting the carnage; and it is a DAMN WAR ZONE! Duh!?

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