Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last call...

We are a week from election day. It is Halloween. At least the scary people I see today will make me smile.

I have addressed this issue twice and I do it here for a final time. I will not vote for any incumbents. And I am asking you to do the same. For most of us here in my home state that means voting for Republicans.

My rep, Tammy Baldwin(D) has been an OK rep. She hasn't done much, hasn't stirred any pots, caused any scandals and apparently been a good person serving in Congress. Her opponent is agoofus . I can't imagine him actually doing any good in Congress. After 6 years, of doing nothing much, it is time to give someone else a chance. Bye Tammy.

One of my senators, Herb Kohl(D) is also one of those non-descript Congress people. Year after year of nothing bad, nothing good...just putting in their time servants. Kohl is rich, doesn't need a lot of money for his campaign. His opponent is so unremarkable, I can't even remember who it is. (The Green candidate I saw on TV for 5 minutes and he should NEVER been allowed to be in public again.) Bye Herb.

Our governor is Jim Doyle(D) and he has been caught dirty. Too bad his challenger, Mark Green (R) has been caught equally dirty. For the first time ever I got called to respond to a poll (on stem cell issues). Basically, I said I was for it, and Green's position was unlikely to change my position. Bye Jim.

There are a couple of other local races but of no national consequence. And that is my problem. The Republican leadership (WH and Congress) have so thoroughly screwed their base that their only mantra right now is "you have to vote for us, or else it isPelosi". How pathetic is that?

IF I had the opportunity to vote on a National basis next week, I would give the Democrats both House and Senate. Virtually every issue the Democrats can cause trouble about, doesn't affect me directly. What happens in Iraq will damage us for decades, will probably cause more attacks on US soil - BUT not here in Wisconsin. Gay marriage, I oppose it (despite being in a lesbian relationship) because I don't believe the State has any business sanctioning a religious union. Democrats have already voted forDOMA so where is the issue there? Supreme Court: I'd rather have a deadlock court (going 5/4 on every decision) than an ideologically pure left or right court.

The only issue nationally for me is tax cuts. With the economy in it's current condition (sick but not showing any major symptoms), Democrats will face opposition to any effort to let the tax cuts end.

Sorry guys, but when someone misbehaves, they must be punished. Anything else sends a message of acceptance, even at some minor level.

The national Republicans have abandoned their base, their principles. Democrats are likely to find having power is not nearly as enjoyable as wanting power. Right now we have a Charlie Brown populace and a Charlie Brown political leadership. I am tired of watching for the Great Pumpkin.

This country NEEDS to get off the f**king fence.

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