Monday, October 16, 2006

A call to dis-arm

I know that I have a small readership, and generally you do not make comments, but I am asking now.

Please leave a comment: agree or disagree (additional comments are welcome)

In passing I have answered the anti-war group that we should recall all military personal, no matter where stationed, home.

I AM NOW MAKING THAT REQUEST. I want every single military member currently assigned to ANY station overseas, returned to US soil within 90 days. From South Korea, from Japan, from the Philippines, from Diego Garcia, from Afghanistan and Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, from Europe, from England, from South and Central America.

Recall however that military troops also guard our embassies and consulates the world over. They are to be returned also. Recall ALL embassy staffs and ambassadors. Given that we are leaving, I expect the world to respond in kind. As some countries may be reluctant, I ask that the creditials of every diplomat currently in the US be revoked. All embassies are to be closed and vacated within 10 days. No asylum will be granted to anyone currently here on diplomatic creditials. Further, as the UN constitutes a 'foreign' presence, it is also to be vacated within 7 days. All foreign nationals on diplomatic work at the UN are to leave within 7 days.

All deployed naval groups are to return to home ports. All deployed air units are to return to their home fields.

Effective immediately, all vessels not under the US flag are to be boarded prior to entry into US navigational waters. All aircraft requesting landing in the US must provide personal information on ALL travelers at least 3 hours prior to DEPARTURE or the planes will be turned away, militarily.

The left has been screaming for this for more than a year. Step up now and support this request.


Etzel Pangloss said...

That's pretty extreme, even for a moderate.

..The Legions are staying put.

tracy said...

More than 60% of Americans now want our troops out of Iraq. We can not be firm with anyone else (Syria, Iran, North Korea) because the government KNOWS Americans will not support further military actions. What then is the use of having them out there in harms way? If we can not, will not, defend our interests, what value do our diplomats serve other than as targets.

Bring them all home. The majority will not support their use.

DeathRay said...

i saw the post you left zayed when you asked him to "stop whining" over the death of his friend - and over his regrets for ever supporting the iraq war.

i don't even care enough about what your politics are to read Anything you've ever written. your politics don't matter to me - that response was beneath disgusting.

tracy said...

Ah deathray, obviously you will never see this so it is probably pointless to respond, but for the sake of others, here goes:

Ah go soak your pathetic head in a bowl of cold oatmeal. I offered condolences for his loss THEN told him to stop whining about his 'regret' for supporting the war. I am sick and tired of whiners complaining they supported the war but now regret it like they were buying a t-shirt at K-Mart. Wars are fought from start to finish. If it gets painful or bloody or hoo...start acting like adults and realize that the only "loss" we are suffering now is one of will.

Imagine if you will: a mugger comes out of the dark and attacks you. You respond and lo and behold, get him down and at your mercy, he pleads with you for mercy and forgiveness and you relent and turn to walk away. 64% of Americans and a whole shit load of other "westerners" have done just that. Why would ANYONE be surprised when the mugger attacks again? Is there any doubt that he wouldn't?

Deathray, you made the effort to read my disgusting response and come to this site and respond, I would give you some credit for that, but I find you to be nothing more than a contemptible little whiner...deathray...sure, such pathetic attempts at 'having taken offense" you deserve to be slapped.