Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's the premise...

I was taught a long time ago that when debating someone, the first person to agree with their opponent's premise, loses.

1. What military purpose do the rockets fired by Hezbollah serve? None. They are random shots into civilian areas. They are too rudimentary for anything other than 'terror'.

2. Hezbollah says they will continue to fight until every single Israeli is off Lebanese soil. That's great, but Hezbollah currently is holding two Israeli soldiers hostage in Lebanon. Israel would be HAPPY to leave if Hezbollah would just return their two soldiers - UNHARMED.

Every single sentence out of official Israel should start with the question in #1 and end with Israel's agreement to leave as soon as the two soldiers held by Hezbollah are returned. My preference is that nothing be said between those two points.

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