Thursday, August 03, 2006

If it bleeds, it leads...

...but where is the blood?

In the top of the hour news on Fox at 11 am central, a report was aired about an Israeli 'incursion' into Gaza in the early morning hours. Near the end of the report, we are treated to the usual people being rushed into a hospital for treatment. Flash to a little girl (10-11yr old) with a red print dress. She is on a bed and the doctor/nurse/attendant puts a clump of gauze on her forehead right at the hairline and begins wrapping her head. As everyone KNOWS, a head would bleeds profusely. Yet, there is no blood on her face, her dress or in her hair. There is no indication that her hair is even wet. The picture lasts 3-4 seconds and then we see her again being carried by someone, her head wrapped in gauze. Again, we see no blood in the dressings.

I have often wondered about news coverage. But the coverage of the events in Qana have made me very suspicious of 'injury' coverage. This report from Gaza appears to be an attempt to claim another 'unwarranted' injury of a child.

BTW, the little girl was alert, looking right at the camera and not crying.....curious no?

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Becker said...

Not just curious. I would go so far as to say "Rather curious".

The whole Qana thing smells like a put-up job and the only thing I am sure of is that the media won't investigate it.