Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Your support of our troops

Some have accused me of using cheap talk in supporting our troops, that anyone can SAY they support the troops, but to actually do it requires more.

First, those that are complaining the loudest, seem to be those that in fact do NOT support the troops.

Second, actions do speak louder than words, however I make two points: one, what my family does to support troops is more than just posting here. We contribute to groups sending supplies and materials to troops; we have sent toilettries and phone cards through other groups and we remain in contact with troops directly in the field.

But the issue that I want to address is the purpose of these posts: to speak out and proclaim our support of the troops. These posts, while scarcely noticed in the world, are in fact tangible evidence of our vocal support. Telling some 'safe company' friends that you support the troops is nice, but saying it when those that disagree have the opportunity to voice their distain takes it to a slightly different level.

I support the troops. I am not a lone voice, but our troops need to hear from the chorus loud and clear. Add your voice so that at least in a small way, they KNOW people are not just paying lip service to their sacrifice.

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