Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Supporting our troops

Can it be that less than 4 in 10 of us really support our troops? I know it should matter, but the reality is that like any sports team, our military only gets support when they are 'winning'. And that is why I am only a little surprised: we are winning! Yes, some of our troops are dying, but almost NONE from combat. IEDs do most of the damage, the most common other death not related to accidents is sniper shots. Almost every single time our troops meet head on with gun toting fighters (insurgents, terrorists, jihadists, mufsid) it is a clear rout. Our side: 2 wounded; their side: 12 dead.

I do not object to the other side using IED's or 'guerilla tactics'. However, I do object to someone claiming hiding in hospitals, mosques and behind children and in residences constitute 'guerrilla tactics'. Those are the acts of cowards.

When that happens and innocents are hurt, our troops feel more pain than if they were wounded physically. I don't agree they should feel that pain, but I understand it. I support our troops, unconditionally.

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