Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sacrifice and honor

It will come as no surprise that our troops serve every day with honor. With very few exceptions, I have refrained from any discussion of situations where a or a couple of soldiers did not do so. I acknowledge that a few of OUR soldiers have violated the law, on the battlefield and off and have done so with dishonor. They have and will be punished as it appropriate. I have refrained because those that do not honor our troops use every such opportunity to smear our troops and I do not wish to give them any ground to stand on.

For the few times it has occurred, I would remind my 3 readers(!) that the sacrifice and honor of our troops is NOT diminished by such acts, but reinforced by the willingness to air the issue and adjudicate appropriately. The other side of this conflict has no such honor or willingness, instead proclaiming their vile acts as something worthy of praise.

I prefer to praise the sacrifice and honor of our soldiers and do so daily.

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